Road safety for horses and riders

Road Safety bands for horse and rider, showing ‘in case of emergency’ contact information.
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Approved by:
Hampshire Horsewatch


Erica Armstrong of London writes:

“Whilst at a pony club rally, (some years ago) I fell of my pony and she managed to get out of the farm onto the road and continued to trot up the road heading back to our stables, fortunately a couple of guys on mountain bikes managed to grab her about a mile up the road at a T Junction, at which point we caught up, however she had no form of identification on her and it was just fortunate that we were able to get to them when we did, as they had no idea what to do, were this pony come from, or belonged to! – I think ICEBands are a really fantastic idea, unfortunately we don’t all have those lovely horses that will just stand by you if you happen to fall off out on a ride – mine are always having way too much fun to hang around and wait for me to pick myself up!”

Debbie Percy of Hampshire wrote to share this with us:

' in December 2004 I was thrown from my horse onto a main road while out riding. I was knocked unconscious and my horse ran down the main road loose and frightened amongst the Sunday traffic. Our story had a happy ending - we were re-united and my bruises healed. Today, I never ride out without both myself and my horse wearing an ICEBand. It is a very reassuring feeling knowing that emergency contact numbers are easily visible and the right help can be raised quickly'.

Chris Odell of Berkshire commented:

Driving home from work one evening, I came across a loose horse in a country lane. I stopped the car, and caught the horse. That was the easy bit, I soon realised that I had no idea what to do next as I had no means of knowing where the horse came from or whom to call. An identification band on the horse such as an ICEBand would have meant I had a number to phone and the horse could have been quickly and safely returned home.

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