Road safety for horses and riders

Road Safety bands for horse and rider, showing ‘in case of emergency’ contact information.
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Sitemap of icebands.co.uk

ICEBands a road safety device for your horse pony and rider

  • ICEBands are simple to use low tech road safety bands for horse and rider, showing ‘in case of emergency’ contact information. Easy to use cheap to buy

About ICEBands the company committed to horse and pony safety

  • ICEBands conceived by Jigsaw Equine. The founders of Jigsaw Equine came together in 2005 committed to the pleasure, enjoyment and safety of people, horses and ponies.

How to use ICEBands - road safety for horses and riders

  • How to use ICEBands the simple to use and care for road safety device for horses ponies and riders. Simply write contact number slip on and you're ready

ICEBands colours sizes and prices

  • Large medium and small packs made of mixed colour and size. Have a second choice colour preference so we can fulfil order with your alternative colour choice

How to contact ICEBands in Farnham Surrey

  • How to contact ICEBands in Farnham Surrey to purchase your ICEBands and ensure the safety of horse, pony and rider

Buy your ICEBands here using PayPal

  • Use PayPal to buy ICEBands in 3 sizes of three colours for the safety of your horse or pony. Come complete as a kit in two pack sizes with pen

ICEBands frequently asked questions

  • ICEBands frequently asked questions explaining the use and care of ICEBands horse pony and rider safety contact bands.

ICEBands customer testimonials and comments

  • Customer testimonials and comments about ICEBands a happy ending following a road traffic accident because an emergency contact number was known

ICEBands horse links around the web

  • On our trips around the web we come across many web sites. Some are good, some not so good here are a few we have found very useful in the past.

ICEBands terms and conditions

  • ICEBands and www.icebands.co.uk are trading names of Jigsaw Equine and or Sisterhood Ltd. Legal statement disclaimer and copyright

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