Road safety for horses and riders

Road Safety bands for horse and rider, showing ‘in case of emergency’ contact information.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Question How do I measure my horse or pony to ensure I buy the right size ICEBand?
Answer Take a piece of baling twine and wrap it once around your horse or ponys’ pastern. Mark on the baling twine the width of the pastern, measure in millimetres (mm) and select the nearest size available. (However we strongly recommend that for horses over 15"2'hh that you buy Large)
Question What do I do if the writing is not clear?
Answer Clean the surface area of the ICEBand and allow to dry completely. Reapply the number using the ICEBand pen provided.
Question What do I do if I loose the ICEBand pen?
Answer Replacement pens are available from www.icebands.co.uk
Question How do I look after my ICEBands?
Answer Regularly wipe the ICEBand clean and reapply numbers using the ICEBand pen provided. We suggest you avoid using detergents on the ICEBand. Don’t leave your ICEBand out in the rain or snow and avoid leaving it for long periods of time in direct sunshine. Oil and grease will need to be cleaned from the ICEBand immediately.
Question What do I do if my ICE numbers change?
Answer ICE numbers are numbers to be used in case of an emergency. Should you ICE numbers change, simply clean your ICEBand and write the new ICE numbers.
Question How many numbers should I put on my ICEBands?
Answer We recommend one ICE number per ICEBand so that it can be seen easily.
Question Whose number should I put on my ICEBands?
  1. If you carry a mobile phone with you when riding, you may want to write this number on the ICEBand worn by your horse or pony. If you don’t carry a mobile phone with you, then we suggest you write the number of your stables or parent (guardian).
  2.  We suggest that on the ICEBand worn by the rider you write the number of your stables or parent (guardian).
Question Can I leave the ICEBand on my pony all the time?
Answer We don’t recommend this.
Question  What does ICE stand for?
Answer ICE stands for In Case of Emergency.
Question Can I order more than one ICEBand?
Answer Yes – you can order as many ICEBands as you would like!
Question How do I tell my friends about ICEBands
Answer Click this link to send an email to your friends, telling them about ICEBands
Question How many colours are available as ICEBands?
Answer Four – pink, blue, lilac and white.
Question Who makes ICEBands?
Answer ICEBands have been conceived and created by Jigsaw Equine.
Jigsaw Equine is a company committed to the enjoyment, pleasure and safety of people and their horses and ponies.

If you need any further help send an email to paypal@icebands.co.uk

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