Road safety for horses and riders

Road Safety bands for horse and rider, showing ‘in case of emergency’ contact information.
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Jigsaw Equine - horse and rider workshops


Approved by:
Hampshire Horsewatch

About ICEBands and Jigsaw Equine

ICEBands have been conceived and created by Jigsaw Equine.

The founders of Jigsaw Equine came together in 2005. They are committed to the pleasure, enjoyment and safety of people, horses and ponies.

The Operating Principles of the business include a desire to:
  • Excel in understanding ourselves and the world of
      the horse
  • Question both what we do and how we do things - in
      order to repeat our successes
  • Use our ideas and business experience to bring new
      products and tools to riders
  • Identify what we are good at and what we aren’t -
      and to accept each
  • Notice what we notice about our horses, our world
      and our attitudes so that we can bring out the
      best in each
  • Enjoy ourselves every day!
Jigsaw Equine

Jigsaw Equine is a business run in Partnership. It has three principle founders who live on the border of Surrey and Hampshire. It is a winning team which came together as the founders took time off from the ‘corporate merry go round’. Success has come from doing what they love, developing ideas not simply talking about them, and wanting to make a difference – both for themselves and for the lives of people and horses around them.

Welcome to Jigsaw Equine!

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